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It's just another number for the Indianapolis Star. They never quit calling. I got an automated message when I called it back. They called my home today looking for my dad. The guy said his name was Andy with First Asset and this was regarding a lawsuit that it was urgent he talk to him. I think it's a SCAM or a collection agency. This has SCAM written all over it!

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They use skip tracing software to tie connections between people. More scammers trying to scam. Just another call from home improvement companies trying to save you a buck on handywork. Glad to see these morons respect the do not call list. How could 'it is Just Lunch' in Florida get our no. Better question. Keeps popping up every afternoon..

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If anyone knows whothey are it would be great Though I trust it's a telemarketer. That ppl were chosen. Gave me an approval and a phone to call. Don't give them personal info or remote access to your computer! They call frequently. I finally call them. They ask my name. I say i'm someone else. After reading threw this I think it's a collection agency for charter. My ex switched bill from my his name to mine. And I got stuck with a bill I won't pay. My wife and I received a call from this number earlier on today and decided to post this on this website.

I have received a call from this number that has a recording regarding the government randomly call my place of work. I was unable to return the phone call as it must have incoming calls blocked. I worked there in circulation years ago. I called that extension ; the voice mail says it's the 'Marketing Retention Department'.

Wanted me to enter "" as www. Got a call from this. I didn't answer because I don't know anyone in Deleware. Tried calling back and got a busy signal. This has spam all over it. It seems they are calling a lot of people in Denver. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. No idea who it is. I was at work so i couldn't answer. When i called back from my work phone it gave this message: The Verizon number you are trying to reach has been changed or disconnected or something like that.

Absopure water company.

Best 22 Commercial Real Estate in Troy, TX with Reviews -

They keep calling to see if they can provide sign us up for water delivery service. We had their water service in the past and cancelled because we were not satisfied. I've asked to be taken off the call list, but they keep calling. I am so sick and tired of these calls. It's beyond frustrating.

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Can't seem to get them to stop. Like roaches, you get rid of one, and five more show up. Got another message from these yahoo's today. Humm, they gave me a different number than yesterday. I am guessing this is because I plastered that phone number on every website I could find and they had to change it so people cant look it up and realize its a scam.

Keep calling guys and Ill keep posting your numbers so people wont get scammed. Happy Holidays.

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  8. This number called me today. They are a scam money-making scheme and direct you to a website based in Montana. They are a completely automated system.

    Please mark this number as SPAM. Getting many long rambling political recorded messages seem to be coming from them!

    Free Phone Directory for Troy, TX

    Company: Political Awareness Foundation Website. Pressed "0" to verify. I called the number back and got an english speaking recording, something about traveling. It said I could have my number removed, but opted out of it. This blog cite is totally cool though! I received a call on my cell phone and did not answer it.

    Lovelady, TX (936) 636-7XXX Numbers Awaiting Request

    I called it back and got the voice mailbox of Ann from Political Opinions of America. We provide our service in major cities around the Bay area. If you want a professional with more than 18 years of experience, call us!

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    Calling all times of the night. Shows unvailable. If you can't show name , They don't need to call. Call up to 5 times a day. No Voice Mail.