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All confidential and exempt information will be redacted from copies of public records. If any request that requires extensive use of information technology resources or administrative staff, an additional charge will be assessed special service fee.

An estimate of all costs will be provided. All fees must be paid before records will be copied and provided.

Lee county florida clerk of court case search

Funeral homes or cremation societies obtain copies of death certificates for the family. Autopsy photographs are not public record and cannot be released by the District 21 Medical Examiner's Office without the signed consent of the legally authorized representative of the decedent or court order.

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Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Links for Collier County Research. Choose a Destination This is a great site for early marriage records among other things.

Lee County Sheriff's Office investigating Harlem Heights death

Look under public records for marriage information. Remember there are two pages under each category.

Be sure and look at both. Lee County - Past to Present.

Lee County Criminal and Public Records

Civil War Pension Records for Florida will sometimes give you a lot of family information. Your ancestor will only be here if they, or surviving spouse applied for a pension.