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Not initially, in the new system, it will be up to the filer to obtain service. The Cook County Sheriff's Office is currently looking into this. Should you need additional information regarding their service of process, please call them directly at Turnaround times are determined by when the documents are submitted for efiling. During office hours [Monday- Friday, a. Documents submitted after regular office hours are typically accepted at the start of the next workday. Documents are stamped when accepted by the clerk. However, the date stamp will reflect when the document was originally submitted.

No, presently court orders are excluded from Mandatory eFiling and they will continue to be accepted in the courtrooms. However, motions, appearances, or other pleadings will not be accepted in court and will be required to be eFiled. Yes, all users must register prior to utilizing the system.

But if you are already registered in another county in Illinois to use eFilelL, you do not have to register again for Cook County. Filers can reach out to the Clerk's Office with any questions regarding eFilelL. There will continue to be a helpdesk hotline for filers to call to speak with a live individual from the Clerk's Office. However, the EFSP providers listed on efile.

There are several 'how to' webinars on the website to offer assistance in efiling, Tyler will also be offering training through the various bar associations. In addition, the Clerk's Office will be offer in-person training sessions prior to July 1, However, a Self-Represented Litigant can file for a good cause exemption to the efiling process, but would require prior approval from the judge. Yes, you can submit filings through an electronic filing service provider EFSP.

You will be using the internet to select the EFSP and submit your documents for filing. You will upload the document as an attachment. If the filer does not have an email address, they can utilize anyone of the efile kiosks within our office and sign up for an email address, the available icons on our machines are for Yahoo, Google [gmail], and AOL. They will need to obtain an email address in order to efile.

Please check with the electronic filing service provider EFSP of your choosing for specific information regarding payment types. Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted. They have the ability to utilize an echeck online [with a valid checking account] but the individual can go to the nearest market, drugstore or gas station to purchase a fillable visa or mastercard to utilize within the efile system. Anyone may create an e-check payment method.

E-Checks are created by inputting your bank account information, including account type, account number, and routing number for use as a payment option when filing. The Court will then automatically withdraw any filing fees from that account upon acceptance of your filing. You may also pay filing fees with the user of a credit card. Depending on the filing fees due, it can be much cheaper to pay filing fees with an e-check.

Yes and Illinois judges, parties to a case, and clerks of the court will also have the ability to access filed documents any time, from any place, and on any device through a single online portal, across the various jurisdictions within the state of Illinois, called re:SearchlL. If you are a party to a case and have eFiled through eFilelL you may login to re: SearchlL using your eFilelL login credentials as well.

The individual firms will be responsible for maintaining their service contact lists to receive notifications of filings, etc. You can bulk file documents now through one of the available EFSP's who offer a bulk filing service. Please refer to efile. The cross reference field requires a Cook County Attorney to enter their assigned Cook County Attorney Code; this field is also used for Civil areas of Law in filing specific motions.

Filings would be rejected for the statutorily required fees not being paid, the wrong fee amount paid, the filings filed in the wrong location, and if the Cook County Attorney code was omitted on the filing. Your electronically filed document will be rejected and returned to you through the Efiling system for correction and resubmission with the proper filing location indicated.

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Yes, you can go into your 'Filer Dashboard' and click on 'Returned'. You can go to the right of the line item, click 'Actions' and highlight 'Copy Envelope'. This allows the entire filing to be duplicated so the errors can be corrected and resubmitted.

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The contact information for each of the EFSP's can be found at efile. In Cook County, the filer can request and schedule hearing dates. Upon submitting a filing, this request may be made, or later after submitting a filing that is still Pending with the court the filer could make this request. This feature allows the court to generate an electronic notification to the e-filing service provider when a hearing date is scheduled. That service provider may then notify any interested parties by email or otherwise.

For service of discovery, I am uncertain of the requirements for signatures. I will look into this and let you know what I find. Options typically include Confidential or Non-Confidential. Depending on the county, different rules may be in place for e-filing on cases that are completely sealed. Typically, e-filing is not allowed on sealed cases.

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Otherwise, any business practice related to generating notices, proofs of service, etc… remain as it always has. Some policies and procedures that will be adopted by the Cook County court have not yet been shared with the e-filing service providers. Yes, you may submit a summons with a new case filing. Upon the clerks review and acceptance they can sign and issue the summons. You will receive it back via email. Summonses may also be submitted in a separate filing submission once a case is already established.

It is expected that Cook will continue to offer service by Sheriff and that may be selected as an optional service during the filing process. The availability of optional services can vary by county and court. If the option to have the Sheriff serve your summons is not available, then upon receiving your accepted filings and signed summons, you can print your documents and provide to a private process server.

There is no difference. Green Filing is a web-based application. Does it work on a Smartphone or Tablet? Yes, Green Filing is fully responsive. Depending on the court, it can take as little as a minute, to a few hours, to a full business day. If it is taking longer than that, the court may be having a backlog they are working through.

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If you are concerned about the status, the best thing to do is contact the court directly and provide them the envelope number on your filing. This will depend on the e-filing service provider you choose. This will depend on the court or county. The expectation over time is that all courts will be completely paperless and only view documents on their computers. This platform is meets industry standards for PCI compliance and is considered to be very secure.

Per the Supreme Court Order all cases currently e-filed under the current Cook County e-filing platform must be moved to the eFileIL system, and the existing platform will no longer be used.

Divorce Records

All you need is a computer, a web browsers i. We do recommend investing in Adobe Acrobat Pro to allow you to easily manipulate PDF documents, and purchasing a high quality scanner for situations where you need to scan documents in order to file them i. Any emails from the e-filing service provider, or the eFileIL system e. As long as you can produce an envelope number, the system can also be used to find that filing and review a history of the filing, providing for further proof. We can tell whether or not an email has been sent and received, and whether or not a document has been opened.

Use the serve only feature allows you to login to the system and check on the status of your service at any time.

March 24 and March 25, The Cook County Court House | Florence Kelley in Chicago

Typically, no. In some situation, the Judge may require you to submit a courtesy copy at his or her direction. Cook County will be sending electronic notifications regarding hearing dates to the filing party that requested the hearing date. At this time, we are uncertain if they will also send to all the counsel on the case. At Green Filing, we intend to notify all the service contacts on a case of a schedule hearing date anytime we receive a notification as such on a case. The Envelope number is the Court unique identifier of a filing. If your filing has an Envelope number assigned, you know the court has your filing. If you need to contact the court regarding the status of a filing, it is best to provide them the envelope number. If you contact Green Filing regarding a filing, you can provide either the Filing ID or the Envelope number and we are able to locate your filing quickly. If your filing requires service of process, or personal service, then use traditional means of service should be used and paper copies provider to opposing counsel.