Insurance company reports on vehicle sccidents

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  1. Find out when you're legally or contractually obligated to report an accident.
  2. Car Accidents and Police Reports
  3. Should I File an Auto Insurance Claim? | Credit Karma
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If the case is straightforward then a lawyer won't be needed. You can claim a courtesy car equivalent to one rental group below the level of your own car, and depreciation of value as indicated by the insurance company in agreement with the repairer. The courtesy car should only be used while yours is not available, and then only if your travel is substantial enough to justify it. If you could cover the cost of your travel needs while your car is out of action, by using taxis, and these costs would be less than rental, then you should claim these expenses instead.

If the accident is clearly the other persons fault then he can claim the lawyers costs back off the insurnace. Arguement being if that the said party had not caused the accident then the complaintive would not need a lawyer. The other insurance company won't pay the costs of a lawyer to enforce his existing rights. They will pay if these rights are in dispute and he subsequently wins - not if he loses! For example, if the lawyer writes to say he will be claiming a courtesy car which is his right then no lawyer costs are paid.

If the car is in for repair for longer than was expected for example waiting for parts and the courtesy car is rented for a longer period which the other insurance dispute, then the costs of a lawyer would be paid if he was able to justify the extended rental period but not if it is subsequently not justified! Again, a separate Rechtsschutzversicherung would probably cover the costs in both cases. If you employ a lawyer to simply enforce your rights, then the costs are not recoverable from the other insurance company,. They were last time I had an accident which wasn't my fault and the police report made this clear.

That was in and the situation was the same for my husband in a similar situation in Has the law changed? Or were we able to do this because our cars had been written off rather than a bit of damage? Nothing to do with fault, more enforcement of rights. Of course, an accident right-off may make the claim more complex e. My understanding at the time was that if I wasn't at fault, all costs, including legal costs, could be recovered from the other party and these were settled by their insurers.

It wasn't particularly complicated as the Gutachter decided the value of the vehicle and there was no need to discuss who was responsible for the accident. My insurers said that if the accident wasn't my fault, and the police had confirmed that, they didn't need or want the details. The police gave me no advice beyond providing a copy of their report.

It was the vehicle recovery crew who advised me to see a solicitor as I wouldn't be the one paying the bill. I don't think it was a one off situation as my husband followed the same advice successfully a few years later. Posted 10 Mar The vital thing is to get the other person's insurance to agree that you were not responsible even partially for the accident. Your insurance will be quite happy to agree its not your fault - means they don't have to pay anything out!

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When employing a lawyer you have a so-called Schadensminderungspflicht, i. Contacting your insurance is the fastest way of ensuring a quick processing of the available information. Remember, they have paid professionals for this kind of thing. If your opponent starts behaving awkwardly your insurance may recommend your taking a lawyer and will provide you with a list of their cooperating lawyers in your neighborhood. I have also in the course of my professional duties used a number for the Zentralruf der Autoversicherer to obtain the opponent's information. You are entitled to it if you can justify your interest.

Posted 11 Mar I spoke to my Spanish insurance and in their own words "it could take many weeks" before the 2 insurance companies agree who will pay what. My insurance is telling me to repair the car and pay a deductible I have full insurance in my car , and then sue the other party for all damages. They will back me up. But, it seems there is still honest responsible people in this world, at least in Germany, as the owner of the car that crashed onto us called me today to say he has spoken to his insurance and that everything is sorted out for me to repair my car at their expense.

Tomorrow I am going ot the repair shop, let's cross the fingers that everything will work out smoothly. Your Spanish insurance company will almost certainly have a German representative insurance company who will handle the claim for them. You should probably find out who this is and check if they are handling your claim. Their name and contact details should be listed on your "green card" if you have it. Posted 12 Mar The most important thing is to have the police come.

Find out when you're legally or contractually obligated to report an accident.

Don't just exchange insurance information even if the other person tells you that it was their fault and their insurance will pay. Once it gets in the hands of the insurance companies, all bets are off and you should prepare yourself for a good screwing. Example: My wife and I were parked in a parking spot diagonal on the right of a main road.

There is a traffic light about 30 meters past our parking spot. Traffic was stopped for a red light so a car stopped far enough back to let us out of the spot and onto the main road. The car in front of him also stopped for the red light for some unknown reason decided to back up and ram us on the driver's side of our old car.

I insisted on calling the police but my wife, being the wonderful German that she is, decided to just let the insurance companies handle it. We got the names and phone numbers of the witnesses and exchanged insurance information. We also took pictures of the accident with the camera we keep in the glove box.

So we paid and took the case to our lawyer with pictures and witness information. Lesson learned, I guess. My wife will call the police if there is ever another accident. I have had two people rough up my car over here and both times got it fixed with absolutely no bother whatsoever.

Car Accidents and Police Reports

Case 1. On my way to lunch, a 'white van man' on his mobile failed to notice that I had stopped to turn left - with plenty. He ran into the back of me and caused a bit of damage to the back bumper mostly all cosmetic.

I pulled over, took his details and we went on our way. I contacted his insurance company, they told me to take it to a repair shop. I did and the repair shop dealt with the opponent insurance company from then on. I got. One day later I got my car back - matter closed. The court also has the power to disqualify you from driving for either offence, and is likely to do so when both offences are committed on the same occasion. Your feedback is vital in helping us improve this site.

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All data will be treated confidentially. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. I've been in a car accident, do I have to claim on my insurance? Read what to do in the event of an accident, and why.

Should I File an Auto Insurance Claim? | Credit Karma

In this guide No claims bonus Should you tell your insurer about an accident? Do I have to tell my insurer when I've been in a car accident? What to do if you're in a car accident abroad Contact the police, but do not admit any liability or sign any documents other than the European Accident Statement, of 'Constat Amiable'. If you're unable to drive your car, contact your insurer immediately.

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