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It is clear that Rhett Bernstein sees the legal profession as a form of thoughtful service to his clients and to the community. What if I'm Guilty? Domestic Violence. Drug Crimes.

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DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Oregon

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  • Sex Crimes. Criminal Defense Attorney in the Clackamas County Area As one of the leading DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys in Clackamas County, Rhett Bernstein represent clients facing serious criminal charges by limiting exposure to the financial and emotional expense of such allegations. Experienced and Respected Trial Attorney While many lawyers are willing to take on your case, the outcome of your trial may come down to the experience and reputation of the criminal defense attorney in Clackamas County you choose. Lawyer Rhett Bernstein Lawyer Probate. However, it is critical that you appear personally for your arraignment or have your attorney do so for you, because the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest if you fail to appear, revoke any security you posted, and possibly exclude you from the diversion program if you are otherwise eligible.

    Discovery police reports, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, etc.

    You will want to review all the materials in the case with your attorney because you most likely will not understand some of the references in the materials or be able to spot issues that an experienced DUI attorney will. This is the time that you and your attorney officially indicate to the Court what you want to do e.

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    Depending on what you do at this hearing, you may have no more appearances before the Court, or you may have several. Typically, the most time-sensitive matter with a DUI charge is dealing with the DMV Implied Consent suspension that comes with any breath test failure or breath test refusal. Oregon uses the Intoxilyzer for all breath tests, and if your test result was a. This suspension is independent of any consequences or actions taken in the DUI criminal charge.

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    • The suspension typically starts 30 days after arrest without further notice to you. The hearing is typically within 30 days after arrest or citation.

      Experienced DUII Defense Lawyers in Portland, Oregon

      Upon your release from a local County Jail, you will be been given an agreement which will also contain instructions for you to appear for your court date. If so, you can expect to be held until your court date, but in some cases, you may be able to post bail.

      Portland DUI Lawyer Michael Romano

      It is your responsibility to know the exact date, time and location of your court appearance because, if you do not show up for your court date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you can expect to be picked up by the police, cited with a charge of failure to appear, then held in jail for your next scheduled court appearance. One of the great things about hiring an experienced DUII attorney like Gilroy Napoli Short is that he can tell you more than anyone about your sentencing options. Did you know that the Multnomah County DUII Treatment Court program uses the step addiction treatment model with sanctions and incentives that are designed to help members take responsibility for their actions and become successful in the recovering process?