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Drivers should know that just because your ABS light comes on while driving, it is still safe to continue moving. That being said, you should be cautious about the driving conditions.

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Merely because traction control can be affected due to faulty ABS. If this is happening to your vehicle, it would be wise to use a car scan tool with ABS reading capabilities. With these types of ABS tools , you will be able to find the root of the problem. As stated before, if your ABS light comes on, normally, it is still safe to continue driving your vehicle.

Although, there are other systems in your vehicle that depend on ABS to function properly. Just in case you may notice some differences.

How Anti-Lock Brakes Work

Pay close attention to the handling, control and the stability of your vehicle after the ABS light turns on. There are a few things you can do yourself to double-check the safety of your vehicle post-ABS light.

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  5. The first and easiest step you can do yourself is to check the anti-lock braking fluid reservoir. Some vehicles have two reservoirs within the engine. If both are low this may be an indicator there is a leak. If you notice the levels are low, top off the brake fluid. But make sure you use the correct fluid needed for your engine!

    First and foremost, it is important to learn exactly what type of fluid is needed for your vehicle. You can most likely find this information on the reservoir, the cap or inside your vehicle owners manual. It is important to use the correct kind of fluid because not all fluids are compatible with every engine. If you use a brake fluid that has been sitting around a while.

    This old fluid can absorb moisture from the air and change the consistency. This can be a problem for the ABS system and the driver may make it more difficult to brake their vehicle. If you open up the hood of your vehicle and notice your brake fluid is not the problem. There may be something else is going on.

    We advise you to try to find the ABS unit and check again that everything is plugged in correctly. If everything looks okay for the ABS power unit. In situations where you need to apply the brake hard to avoid hitting an object, most drivers tend to over-apply pressure, which locks up the wheels in vehicles without ABS. When the wheels are locked up, the car skids and you lose control over the vehicle.

    This is similar to what happens when the car hydroplanes on wet roads.


    How do I know if my car has an ABS? - Bob Is The Oil Guy

    Many of us were taught to pump the brake pedal to avoid locking up the wheels and skidding out of control. However, the anti-lock braking system does this for you: It pumps the brakes but much faster than the average driver could. When ABS is activated, you not only avoid locking up the wheels, you can also reduce the distance that is needed to stop the vehicle and still maintain control. The ABS kicks in when there is heavy or hard braking, regardless of the road conditions.

    ABS Questions

    Anytime that you push very hard on the brakes and are going at speeds over mph , the ABS will pump the brake pedal. You will likely feel a slight pulsing sensation in the pedal. It may also feel like your pedal is pushing back against your foot. It feels odd at first, but keep your foot on the pedal and let the ABS do the job it was designed to do. Removing your foot from the brake pedal will stop the ABS. We Are Marmalade December 15, How does ABS work?

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    What happens if my ABS fails? My stopping distance..? By We Are Marmalade.

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